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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
; 7:02 PM

Today was another... normal school day...

What is a normal school day to me?


Well lets ask. What is an ABNORMAL school day?

I feel that, an abnormal school day would be one that is too normal. Today morning i attempted to start the day abnormally. How?
Strangely, it is by acting Normal.

How do i act normal you ask? Ok maybe you din ask. BUT I'M TELLING YOU ANYWAY MUAHAHAHA!

In the morning i was actually.. QUIET in class. O_O! WHA THAT IS SO SCARY MAN.

And i think, because albert was so used to the noise he actually found it weird to see me quiet. During lunch he said i was abnormal. LOL!

But i'm actually glad that there were people who enjoyed the noise i made in class. Well, to a certain extent i guess...

I feel that school would be boring if there weren't new things happening everyday, jokes making people happy, music that makes people angry, unserious puns and insults that make people think, laugh and react and insult back. Sometimes it's simple things like this that makes people want to go to school, well actually this is what i go to school for. I like to have friends around me, have fun together, joke together, laugh together, and work hard together. Well imagining everyday in school plainly doing projects quietly, with no music, no jokes, no laughter, i think it'd be as good as ... hm.. secondary school?? lolol

Good thing about this course is that we can do anything like nobody's business. Lol~ Like going for lunch anytime of the day. Going for multiple breaks, going for breaks when nobody is in the foodcourt. It's pretty good i should say.

With that, i shall conclude with the statement: "Life at school will be abnormal if it were to be too normal."

Note to self: Never listen to kang li when he says there is no lecture. zzz

Sunday, January 11, 2009
; 7:14 PM

Rendered several images, but only gonna use 3 of them. Quite obvious which i'm gonna use for submission. ;]

Anyway, i dont know why the shadows look kinda like floating and stuff... but ahh well i dun care anymore. Looks good enough for me, and actually looks ALOT better than my year 1 renders. =D

Happy lah finally finish it, after like, friday headstart, den these 2 days of chionging.

And i need to redo my stupid exterior renders again. The old file got lost. =.= Damn.

Haiz, but i think it wont be that hard ba, with sketchup. =)

Anyway here are the pics. =) Hope yall like em'. I'm not very good with this i know. DOING MY BEST TO IMPROVE! x.x MUST CHASE UP TO TONG ZHEN LEVEL! I WAN GET A! T_T *too dumb to reach it*

Errr, not trying to hao lian here. zzz

Friday, January 9, 2009
; 11:24 AM

Hey all... Lol...

I'll be trying to post more to attempt to generate more readers =p

Many of my blog visitors stopped visiting because i rarely update anymore... It's like i MIA liao.

Anyway, there seems to be nothing much to post about! LOL

Few days ago i heard william hung's "I Believe I Can Fly". It was horrible! no offence william hung.

And so i set the ending part of his song as my message tone. Darn it's annoying. People who chat with me on msn would know what i set it as... cos i also used it in my windows live messenger to disturb pple... =p

It's fun!

he goes "I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~" and as he runs out of breath he sighs "AH" at the ending. pretty funny to me. Haha bad comment from me tho. =x

And i'm thinkin of changing blogskin. Hm. =\

Oh damn most boring post ever. Dots.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
; 7:11 PM

Hey all... haven't been posting in a while.... been lazy. hahaa

Hope to get As for my micro design review today. x.x
Lecturers say "it's good... " and stuff, but it's like, my crit was extremely short. Other students took like over half hour for their crit, like the lecturers still talking to them after the alarm rings, but for me it's like even when my crit ended the alarm also havent ring... it's like i took less than 10 mins. =\ Worried sia...

Maybe to them "Good" = B.

Haiz. an A always seems so far away...

Anyway, today feels like good deed day or something. First thing is after school i was heading to piano lesson... Then when going to get off the bus, one girl left her seat and then i realised that some coins were left on the seat, and so becos i wanted to be honest i passed her the coins back... Later on we took the same bus again and i saw that she used the coins to take the bus. heng ah otherwise maybe she no money to take bus liao lol.

Then after piano i was taking bus again, heading to AMK bus terminal. Then reach the terminal that time, got one guy still sleeping on the bus. Then most of the pple already got off the bus, den nv bother him. Then i tot of waking him up lah, then i tap his shoulder... but then he still continue slping. Few sec later i scared i also cant get off liao, cos the bus is those kind of extended one, trans island bus. So i faster get off lo, then when i left i kinda regret not forcing him to wake up lah. cos i see that when the bus turn den he wake up lol. =\ good deed failed.

Ah well. Tired le. Play too much dota. Quitting for the moment again. Hahaha 2 days of dota is enough for me. =p

Wondering whether to change blog skin. hmmmmm....

Ah well. Hoping for the best in my pathway to becoming architect... x.x

Saturday, December 20, 2008
; 11:44 PM

At night....
Celebration with my family =)
This cake was bought from NYDC, by my 2nd sister faith.
Me with the cake. =D

Decided to take fun shots. =p
Ignore the legs at the left. Lol~
WHOO! We're being idiots! i think.
Parents more interested in the news than the once a year occasion. Hahahaha
Matchstick Advertisement.

Siblings Pic. =)
Nice Pic together with my sisters and the cake.
It's a zi pai shot. Wahaha din expect it look so nice. =p
Me trying to get attention from my parents.
Kope from video camera. Singing traditional birthday song...
Blow candle!! Wahahaha!
Cut Cake. yay~
The cake was delicious btw. Wahaha you all dont get any. =p

; 11:03 PM

A little late... but here are the pics for 15th december!
My good friends who turned up today! Late!
Me trying to act sian, but in the end looking like i'm trying to act cool, though i'm not looking very cool i know. lol

Me and Zhang Yue at lunch.... With Kang Li and Tong Zhen not in the pic...
Zhang Yue left after lunch because he had something on.
We're at Kallang Leisure Park! It's like... almost empty! yay!
This is the bowling place. Much cheaper and better than Marina Square.

Yeay.... WHOO! I hit 1 PIN! YAY!
Kang Li takes "great" photos of me.
And so i took "great" photos of him too...
While i was at it, i took photo of tong zhen too.... She wasn't happy with one pin. hahaa

We walked around after bowling... Look! It's... SINGAPORE!
Passed some parliament buildings...
The UFO building... Then i hatched an idea.
Yay! Singapore! Parking Fines and Death Sentences aplenty!
Pigeons fined for loitering outside the new court... nah i'm kidding.

Some strange wooden thing outside victoria concert hall... o_o
Fullerton Hotel Facade.
A nice tree across the river of the fullerton hotel...
Me and tong zhen caught walking together outside victoria concert hall...
Then we decided to take strange photos! Wow...

Then they treat me eat cheese cake at Central. So nice eh? And it was delicious! Whoo!
Special thanks to kang li for the photos.
And special thanks to kang li, tong zhen and zhang yue for coming.

Monday, December 15, 2008
; 6:42 PM

Today is the actual day of my birthday.... And this year i decided to celebrate together with some friends =)

But then, the response was quite disappointing...

Yesterday, i asked about 9 to 10 people whether they could come out today... for a little fun...
6 said they'd be able to turn up...
but in the end, only 3 turned up.

Reason being:
Sick. x1 This is acceptable i guess...
Sleeping. x2 Okay, maybe you are really tired...
MISSING. x1 (i cant contact at all. for the whole day.)

I mean, if you're not gonna come, why not just say so?

Well, from the reasons i stated, i gave 4 people's reason. So how come there is 4 people missing though there is 3 who turned up?

Well, that's because someone who did not say he will come, came anyway, and that's zhang yue.
He has a part-time job and he left in the afternoon, but then i still feel that he was nice enough to come out even though he was busy in the afternoon lar. Really appreciate it lor.

Haiya. Yesterday i still thought kang li say got wat surprise or wat. Then today in the morning my only surprise was that, when i reached school, nobody was even there. Yeah, surprise!

He said that we will meet at 9am in the studio... I reached at 9:30am thinking i was late, and when i reached studio i realised that i was the earliest there...

Then 3 people arrived for the outing, at 9:40am, 10:10am, and 11am (2 hours late)...

Quite sad for zhang yue who arrived the earliest and could only stay for lunch...
But glad enough that at least two people turned up for bowling today...

Actually, a happy birthday to me is one with many friends around me, being happy together with me possibly singing songs together...

Well, i guess the fact is, every day is a happy birthday except today...

Somebody told me that i should've given earlier notice, well that's fine then. Maybe next year i shall give earlier notice ba. though, it feels kinda sad to be organising my own birthday celebration...

Ahh perhaps i'm just being small gas... but then, the blog is a place where i can air my disappointment right?

Well, apart from that, will upload some pics taken from today!!! =)
Not now cos some pics are with kang...

Really appreciate the cheesecake, kang li and tong zhen. =) Thanks alot!

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